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Tennis women hit the jackpot

Jul 30th, 2012
Staff Writer
Clay tennis court and ball

For the eighth year in a row, the highest paid female athlete in the world is Ms. Maria Sharapova. With the combination of lucrative endorsements and recent Grand Slam success, Russia’s premier player out-earns all other competing women by nearly 10 million greenbacks, according to Forbes Magazine.

The four top-earning women in sports all have one thing in common: tennis. Russia’s Sharapova, China’s Lin Na, Serena Williams of the United States and Denmark’s Caroline Wozniacki, respectively, round out the top of the list (followed by NASCAR’s Danika Patrick). Sharapova owes most of her gains to deal with Nike, Evian, Head, Samsung and Tag Heuer, but since July of last year, she’s scored five-million in tournament prize money alone, according to

Sharapova’s recent success on the World Tour was punctuated this year with her first French Open title. With that she completed the coveted “Career Grand Slam” — winning all four majors (Australia, US, French and Wimbledon). Maria’s mother country displayed their appreciation of her success in selecting Ms. Sharapova the distinct honor of flag-bearer during the 2012 opening Olympic ceremony.

Each of the top four female tennis stars participated in the first round of London’s Olympic tournament, Li Na being the only no longer competing after her first round loss. Sharapova, Williams and Wozniacki all advanced to the second round of the ongoing battle for national supremacy.