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Apr 1st, 2012
TennisWorkout presents the basic tennis grips


•    Primarily used for serves, volleys, slices and overheads

Eastern Forehand

•    Able to hit a topspin or flat hard driven shot

Semi-Western Forehand

•    Primarily used for strong baseline players with heavy topspin

•    Still allows for a flat hard driven shot

Western Forehand

•    Primarily used for heavy topspin and clay court players

•    Topspin forces a heavy bounce putting your opponent out of position

•    Able to hit high balls easily

Eastern Backhand

•    Able to hit topspin or flat shot

•    Can also be used for backhand slice and kick serve

Two-Handed Backhand

•    Allows more strength over the one handed backhand

•    More stability using two hands