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The Serve

Mar 21st, 2012
  • Right hand holding racquet with continental grip
  • Left hand holding ball in fingertips
  • Left foot pointing towards right net post
  • Right foot pointing more towards right sideline
  • Weight on left foot, arms loose
  • As right arm drops the racquet below the waist for take-back, left tossing arm acts as a counterbalance by beginning toss
  • As the left tossing arm nears full extension, right service arm circles upwards
  • When right arm reaches full vertical extension, it then bends to a bicep flexing position behind the head then sinking the right shoulder and pushing the left hip out and forward
  • Right wrist is loose allowing the racquet head to drop behind the back
  • At this time, the right foot slides towards the left foot and knees bend to build up power
  • Left hand releases the ball about 4 inches into the court and four inches to the right
  • From this point, the serve is very similar to throwing a ball with the arm, shoulder and waist movement
  • The built up power in the knees is released as the right arm attacks the ball out in front using a throwing motion
  • Knees reach full extension and the body falls into the court at contact
  • Snap the right wrist at contact
  • Right arm finishes across the body

**Other serves such as the topspin serve and kick serve remain nearly the same except for small changes in the toss and contact **

Topspin Serve

  • Toss ball more above the head rather than out in front
  • Hit up on the ball creating a brushing contact forcing the ball to spin


Kick Serve

  • Toss the ball behind your head so that the ball would fall behind your back if you let it drop
  • Arch the back and hit up on the ball creating a topspin that forces the ball to kick up on the bounce to your opponent